What to expect from a Flexi-Grant® Webinar…

Written by Claire, Marketing Executive at Fluent Technology, research nerd, travel fanatic & coffee-based life form. 

Photo by Gavin Whitner

With the launch of our Flexi-Grant® Webinars in September, we thought it was about time we shared what to expect if you sit in on one. So here it goes …

Maybe you’re a pro when it comes to Webinars? Maybe you always sign up to one or another at various points throughout the year?  OR maybe Webinars are new to you and they make you a little nervous?  That’s to be expected.  Everyone starts off that way (I once thought Webinar hosts could see me and in true vain fashion, I had to go off and ‘beautify’ myself before the session started only to find out they weren’t using a webcam at all!).  You’ll be relieved to know that we don’t use the webcam in our Webinars so we can’t see you and you don’t have to look at us during the 60 minutes (a lucky escape I assure you!)

First of all let’s start off with a few key facts on our Webinars …


They’re interactive…

Our Webinars are always interactive. In fact we’re trying to make them more so!

As a Marketing Executive I have sat through MANY Webinar’s and more often than not I’m doing the head nod (a.k.a the ‘oh please don’t let me head fall asleep and face plant my keyboard’ nod which will evidently alert everybody in the office that I’m sleeping – I at least like to do that somewhere more private!)

My point being…we try to break them up by answering live chat questions, giving people polls to fill in and making sure we have small digestible chunks of info.  Check out what one of our Webinar attendee’s has said about a Flexi-Grant® Webinar they have attended…

We record them…

We all know what it’s like when you see a demo, watch a Webinar or hear somebody speak.  You think it’s great, remember it for a few days and then the next thing you know, something else great comes along and pushes it right out of your head.  We have pre-empted this (because it happens a lot!) and made sure that a recording of the Webinar goes out to all those who attended and those who registered and didn’t attend, after the session.  We don’t mind who sees our Webinars either (even if you’re not buying Flexi-Grant® and just want a nosey – we don’t mind!) so we also put the recordings on our Website!

You get to pick the topics…

Every few Webinars we send out a ‘make a suggestion’ survey to all those who have attended previous Webinars (and current clients).  Why is this important?  We want everyone to be involved in what we show.  We don’t just want to pick the topics based on what we think you want to see, we want to know exactly what you want to see and tailor it to you.

So far we have directly taken feedback from our last survey to create our 2016 Webinar plan.  Check out what we have scheduled for 2016 here.

And don’t sweat it if you’ve never attended a Webinar before…

After you’ve completed the registration form … all you need is the following:

  • Yourself
  • Headphones (if you’re in a quiet office and you don’t want anyone to hear)
  • Computer – we will be sharing a screen with you so all you have to do is follow the link that we will provide pre-Webinar (click the link a couple of minutes before the Webinar is due to start) and let the computer do the rest.

It’s that simple! We’re looking forward to having you all at our next Flexi-Grant® Webinar!

Check out our Webinar page for all the up-coming Webinars and recordings of past Webinars.

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